Holborn Speakers is one of London’s largest Toastmaster clubs and has been running for many years. Over that time it has developed a reputation as one of the more effective clubs for encouragement and achievement. Last year, the club had the largest number of people winning the Competent Communicator award of any club in London.

Below, some of our members share their experience of Holborn Speakers:


Ellie: I joined Holborn Speakers about 3 years ago and I have gone from being very nervous in front of an audience to, well, enjoying it! This is such a friendly and supportive club — I’m so glad to be a part of it.


Graeme: “I joined Holborn Speakers in an effort to improve my speaking ability in front of larger audiences. In Holborn speakers I found support and friendship from every corner of the club. My progress has been swift, I can now stand in front of an audience and deliver a coherent message on a weekly basis to room of over 40 people. I believe that Toastmasters in some shape or form, will be a part of my life for many years to come. If you think of Toastmasters as the training wheels of life, soon you will be able to ride with no hands.”


Ratan: “I joined Holborn Speakers eight years ago. As an accountant I had to do many presentations to clients. Although a technically able accountant, I was not able to inject passion into my presentations to clients and colleagues since the subject matter could be a little dry. After joining Holborn Speakers, under the supervision of a mentor and guidance of experienced members, I started to lose my inhibitions. They were supportive, helpful and pushed me gently into doing various roles in the club and my ten speeches. As I started to take part regularly my speaking style improved dramatically. By the end of my 10th speech project I began enjoying public speaking so much I started taking part in speech competitions! This is just a start and I thank Holborn Speakers club. Come and see us and join us. You will also enjoy your public speaking in no time! Life is too short. Take a plunge and you will get the results you want.”

Chris Boden : Division L Table Topic Champion 2012

Chris (ex-President): “I have gained so much from my time in Holborn Speakers. It has been a perfect environment for me to gain confidence speaking in front of an audience in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. I have benefited both personally and professionally from the skills gained and I can’t recommend Holborn Speakers and Toastmasters highly enough.”