Why Join?


You will learn, by doing :

  • How to give an impromptu speech
  • How to write and deliver a prepared speech
  • How to listen more effectively
  • How to give feedback to others in a more helpful way
  • How to introduce other speakers
  • How to chair and run meetings

All these skills will help you improve your self confidence in whatever scenario you face.

A Great Way To Learn


We believe that the best way to learn is by doing. It is through regular practice that you will improve. If you become a member, the club will give you many opportunities to practice your speaking and leadership skills.

Holborn Speakers also provides regular workshops to add to the standard Toastmasters course. We have had many experienced speakers (including national champions) come to the club to pass on their tips and experiences.

Above all, we believe that learning and fun should go together. At Holborn Speakers we work hard on our skills but try not to take ourselves too seriously. There is also a strong social scene with a few people always staying behind for a drink after.

Great People


It’s no exaggeration to say that we have members from all walks of life. We have people just starting out for the first time, seasoned speakers who want a platform to improve, and new graduates keen to practice their presentation skills for their corporate career.

We have doctors, solicitors, students, accountants, bankers, IT professionals, government employees, entrepreneurs, life coaches and people from charities and NGOs at the club. All realise the importance of being able to communicate clearly, effectively and with confidence.

Finally our members come from all parts of the world – Australia, Africa, America, Asia, Acton Town and Angel – and that’s only the A’s!

What kinds of people join Holborn Speakers? People like you!




You will get plenty of helpful comments when you become a member about how to improve, but you may want deeper feedback than this. To help with this, Holborn Speakers runs a mentoring program. We pair you with an experienced member of the club who will guide you through the program, give encouragement and a more detailed analysis of what is working for you and what needs improving.