How it works

The best way to see how our meetings work is to come and visit us! Guests are welcomed to come to all our meetings – why not come along? Its free to come as a guest and you’re welcome to attend as many times as you like. You can come and visit us at any time, or, you can let us know that you will be attending by completing the below form.

We follow the Toastmasters International format for meetings, tweaked to work for Holborn Speakers. Our meetings are designed to give a wide ranging of speaking opportunities and to provide a safe environment for our members to improve at their own pace.

Prepared speeches
Our meetings start with the three or four prepared speeches. These are speeches from the Competent Communicator manual, and so there will be a range of speeches, topics and levels as members move through the manuals. Most speeches are between five and seven minutes long.

Helpful feedback
All members are encouraged to give short written feedback to speakers during the meeting. In addition, each speech will have an ‘evaluator’ who will give a short evaluation to the club and who provides helpful and constructive feedback on what the speaker did well, and how they can improve further. Don’t worry – evaluations are designed to be helpful and constructive, not critical!

Impromptu speaking
An experienced member poses prepared questions and calls on members of the audience, who volunteered just before the meeting, to give a one to two minute response. The questions aren’t difficult and test the speakers ability to speak with little preparation, and often to speak humorously!

There are several roles to help the meeting run smoothly. These form part of the Competent Leader manual and test members ability in various skills such as listening, motivating and facilitating.