Sample Agenda

This is a generic agenda for one of our meetings. We start meetings at 6:45pm, have a quick 10/15 minute break in the middle and aim to finish meetings by around 9pm.

18:45 Club President’s welcome
18:49 Toastmaster’s introduction
18:53 Timekeeper’s introduction
18:55 Grammarian’s introduction & word of the day
18:59 Prepared speech from member
19:08 Prepared speech from member
19:17 Prepared speech from member
19:25 Timekeeper’s report & voting
19:27 Guest introductions
19:32 Toastmaster – Evaluators introduction
19:33 Speech 1 evaluation
19:36 Speech 2 evaluation
19:39 Speech 3 evaluation
19:42 Table topics introduction
19:45 Break
20:00 Table topics
20:26 Timekeeper’s table topics report & voting
20:28 Table topics evaluation
20:36 Timekeeper’s evaluation report & voting
20:38 Grammarian’s report
20:42 General evaluator report
20:52 Club President – Awards and announcements
21:00 End of Meeting

This is just a rough outline but if you would like to find out more we strongly encourage you to come to our next meeting as a guest and see first hand how Holborn Speakers works!